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Chapter 5. Do Your Utmost Best

Chapter 6. Skills Required To Cope Well With Changes

Chapter 7. Turn every Weakness into Opportunity

Chapter 8. Change is Certain, Necessary and Unavoidable

Chapter 9. Ways to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Chapter 10. Empower through 5 Ps

Chapter 11. How to make Effective Self Improvement

Chapter 12. Never be Trapped by both the good and bad illusions

Chapter 13. My Soul Searching Journey

Chapter 14. Life is Precious But Fragile

Chapter 15. Enjoy your Journey


How does one say "thank you" when one has endless list of people to thank? Obviously this book is dedicated to my father who had given me abundance freedom, and to my mother who taught me love and kindness. Many other kind people have touched, transformed and impacted my life so significantly.

Every book is a dream, short or long, hidden or unhidden, before it becomes reality.

Lawrence Loh is my long-time friend, who had lent his endless support from the beginning when this idea was conceived at one of our meetings a couple years ago and said, "Let us do it." Since then, I started to write and finally compile it into a book. With his brilliant clever and creative editing coupled with his commitment and his boundless patience in painstakingly reviewing endless revision and re-revisions to make this a timeless read. Together, we roared with laughter, had fun, learned substantially more, and believe we have used both our gifts and talents to create an excellent book that will serve our readers utmost well.

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