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Cover photo take by Rutheah Rodehorst

Cover design by Sarah Hansen

Editor - Jovana Shirley

ISBN- 13: 978-0-9887074-3-6 eBook

ISBN- 13: 978-0-9887074-5-0 Paperback

Thank you…

Arianna Niknejadi -You are not only being my BFF, but you have supported me and helped me so much along this journey. Thank you, Ari, for answering my endless questions in the beginning about Fragile X, thank you for sharing your personal stories with me, and most importantly…thank you for allowing me to share a piece of your precious Logan with the world. Thanks also for reading Saved and giving me your feedback. For yelling at me when I was on Facebook and should have been writing or doing edits. Thank you for helping me write the blurb when I was just stuck. You truly amaze me in all that you do…from being a wonderful friend, to an amazing mother. You rock you bitch!

Gary “Leo” Taylor –I swear I get at least ten messages a day saying how you are the perfect Gunner. You truly are…but you’re more than that. Your determination is awe inspiring, your heart is genuine, your smile is infectious, and you might have been told this before…but you take one hell of a good picture cowboy. You’re a friend who I admire and can count on. Thank you for just being you and always having my back and making me smile.

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