I thank God for the opportunity to write this book and share the gift of giving with my readers. This book will encourage the reader to move from the comforts of self and to reach out to those around them by being the blessing God intended them to be.

A special thanks to all who practice releasing special gifts from the heart and to those who reach beyond their limitations to bless others.

It is the blessings that you release opens up the window of opportunity for those who are in need.

A special thanks to everyone who deposited in my life and taught me the principle of giving which released God’s blessings. I recognize that it is because I give what I have my cup will always overflow and never be empty.

To my dear Father who was a giver I will always remember your gifts you gave freely to impact the lives of others with whatever you had to give or contribute. Your memories live in my heart!

Reach out and touch some bodies hand make this world a better place if you can! These words ring in my ear from time to time as I remember Diana Ross singing this song in the past. I often pondered over these words and I wondered if we are truly putting these words into practice.

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