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The Dead Don’t Speak

By Bridget Squires

Smashwords edition

This is the first of a serious I have started entitled “The Dead Don’t”. Please leave a review and let me know what you think! Enjoy!


She was dead; it wasn't hard to tell that. Her once flushed, flawless skin was now pale and colorful as blooms of bruises spread across it like some demented garden. Her pitch black hair was also reminiscent of a garden as well since one could clearly see leaves and twigs poking out of the pony tail here and there. She was naked, save for a man's tie which hung from her slender neck. The bulge the tie created and the deep purple skin surrounding it gave a good indication of how she had died. Her eyes were blank, emotion less orbs that stared towards heaven as if welcoming the chance to meet the Lord himself. The pose of her body only further made her look like she was awaiting heaven. Propped upright against a tree, head tilted towards the sky and hands pressed together on her bare chest almost gave the impression she was praying. But she wasn't praying, not anymore anyways.

It wasn't hard to imagine a women of her beauty dying willfully, she would fight, fight to stay alive. The muscular body gave the impression she had some strength about her, a weakling she was not. A dancer’s body, yes that's what it was. The long lean legs, flat torso and small mountains of breasts would be adapted for performing jumps and twirls in front of a cheering audience. Around her though the scene was quite different. The forest was fading into the blackness as night set in, threatening to hide her until morning. There were a few belongings, that one would guess easily were hers, scattered about the ground. A small clutch purse, empty except for her license lay about two feet from her corpse. Upon inspection further away one would find a pair of frilly red panties, the type that she would reserve for special occasions like first dates or anniversaries. The matching bra, torn and dirty, lay nearby as well. A black skirt and silver, plunging neckline tank top would be found caught up in some bushes just off the walking path. The stiletto heels had been separated, one closer to the path, the other hidden somewhere within the brush.

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