The Political Internet

Hercules Bantas

A Reluctant Geek Academic Guide

Published by Reluctant Geek

Melbourne, Australia

Copyright Hercules Bantas 2010

Author's Notes

The growth of communication technologies has raised a host of questions about politics and deliberation in democratic societies. This compilation contains five guides that answer some of the more pressing questions. The compilation is comprised of: Citizen Power and the Internet, The Propaganda Model and the Internet: Smashing the Gateway, Ricoeur's Hermeneutic Arc and the Internet: The Changing Narrative Landscape, Democracy and Postmodern Identity, and Democracy and the Internet. Look out for other Reluctant Geek guides including J├╝rgen Habermas and Deliberative Democracy, John Rawls and Deliberative Democracy, John Dryzek and Deliberative Democracy, Deliberative Democracy Basics, and Deliberative Democracy Essentials.

Table of Contents

Citizen Power and the Internet

The Propaganda Model and the Internet

Ricoeur's Arc and the Internet

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