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The Madness

I am a host. I cried to death for it for some time ago. I am Chotani a man I remember in my dreams. I was all right and perfect. I was ok for a long time until I met Mother. It was maddening to sleep with a man whom I had no feelings for in a while. I was a whip crazy woman. I loved anything linked with whips and all that count with my eyes. I am mad again. I wanted to sleep with her mother. She was ok about it until she met me. “I am the bed,” I wanted to say to her when I was asleep. She was pretty and ok about it. She was mine. I was a lesbian. I dreamt I died from it. There was something about her that disturbed me when I called her. She was mine, I kept saying to herself when I died. She died in her sleep and yet they talked about her for centuries. What was that? She was all right and kept to stay vigil for anything funeral like in her mind. I am scared that I died in my awoken state to put a nightmare in myself.

I am schizophrenia. I thought that I am game. I was scared of myself in a dream. There was a lot of pain in being a person who is called that for a long time. She was scared my daughter for me that she died in my sleep bed. There was a lot of horror and pain that I died in it. It was a nightmare that I wished did not come to me. There were a lot of pain in it that I died in it with thousands of serpents biting me on my neck. It was like a Dracula bite. I was mad. I was going to kill one of the men who tried to rape me and my mother I thought in my dream. It was scary. I was going to all lengths to learn karate kicking acts to become an expert in skill arts. I was only a four year old when I was at this state. I was in a heart-attack state that I died in a nightly worse nightmare. I was mad for my mother’s love for me. I was inside a hut I dreamt when I was two crying for milk to drink from her. I was famished and hungry for her hands to touch my face.

My mind was in a chaos and I cried to death for all to see me happy. I was malar, a woman named big to protect Hindus to cry for help. I dreamt that all to see myself in a future so happy that I forgot my enemy Jon Abrahan died in sleep. I was fighting a war so cold and tired that I died in it. There was nothing for me to think about in this world. Earth beckoned me when I was five. I was Shiva I thought to myself in a dream. He was gone. He was mine. A man so cold and wild that he died inside a nightmare. I got scared of my attack to realize that it was a big mistake to trust mothers. She is wrong. This brain who is so stupid is a man. I am scared of him all right. A mannequin I thought to myself when I was seven. I taped myself for everything using a recorder to get any sound to myself. I was Baiyen, a boy God who didn’t know anything at all. I was hurting everyone in the real sense. I was scared for my face but there was someone who cared for me all the while. Yes, it was a man. The man named was Chotani. He was a game master. He was running a mile of his own in his dreams. He was nice to the limit but I saw something else in his eyes. Pity. He pitied me a lot. He cried for his mother. Referee Jon B. It was him. He was blessed until I knew his true colors. It was a bluff. It was real. He ran away from his mother’s house to sleep on a void deck. Salmi a name given to a man so blessed killed my face. He was an angel sent from Death to cure me of my sickness. He is running a show in his eyes. He loves me a lot, I thought to myself when I sleep with my mother in her room. Oh my God, she is so really stupid. I am him. Baiyen is me I wanted to tell last time when I walked away from her eyes. She is a fake. She loves only the name Baiyen in sin. I hate her too much. I am scared of him. He is so good that I died in hell. He was so fierce in protecting himself that I envied him. I am gone. Bye. Adios Amigos. I am sleep. I am so awaken by all shouting that I ran outside to check out the woman typing the manuscript. She was so real that I cried for help. She was a he. I liked his memories of his dear house so well. I am a man who loved him so well that I died in his dreams. She was awoken by his nightmare. It is a dream to talk to him. I slept so well that I cried and woke up to Jon shouting to my heart and lungs to awaken a spirit in my heart. He was so good that I died in his sleep. He was awakened by a mannequin so big that I cried for help. He was so huge that I died in my heart. He was bringing back all the hauntings in his eyes. He died in his sleep. He cried and slept for a long time to think about it so real. I am scared of him. I am a man.

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