Bulling, Related Problems and the “Stupid” Professor

Jon Van Loon

Copyright 2013 Jon Van Loon

Smashwords Edition


You are about to read a monograph by me the “stupid” Professor, (Full Professor with PhD University of Toronto now retired) but with only grade nine capability in spelling, vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Due to a learning disability my visual and auditory memories are only in the 40th and 60th percentile ranges respectively. Although despite these problems I have several peer reviewed and well received science books published by major publishers together with a medley of other academic achievements; throughout life I have suffered persistent severe verbal bullying abuse for a variety of individuals suggesting that I was/am stupid.

The facts here-in have only with great difficulty been extracted from a miasma of memories and notes scratched on odd bits of paper. As a consequence of being unable to compose this type of document using conventional chapters strung together to form a continuous manuscript, this memoire is comprised of a sequence of events accumulated over a lifetime of suffering verbal bullying.

It is important to note that I was not subjected to cyber bullying and hence what follows lacks experience with this one of the vilest forms of modern bullying. Despite this gap the reader will identify most of the common traits of tyrannical and ruthless bullies to be present in my experiences.

Thus I hope by writing about my experiences of life as a “stupid” Professor, much of which is related to my learning disability it often resulting in reprehensible verbal and written abuse; others who suffer from any type of bullying will hopefully find an important degree of inspiration from my ultimate success in life.

Many of the incidents described have been published by me elsewhere but have in most cases been recomposed to emphasize the bullying components.

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