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The Zillion Heirs 2: Bridely Weddinguff


S Anders

The Zillion Heirs 2: Bridely Weddinguff

by S Anders
Copyright 2013 by S Anders
Smashwords Edition

The Zillion Heirs

This is a story that begins after the beginning and will probably end a long long time before the end knowing me. My name needs no introduction of course especially if you already know me or go to St Mungo's School in Zillion New Town better known as St Mongo's to anyone who actually goes there. Now I don't want to blow on my own trumpet because I know it is much better to have someone else blowing on it for you but most other people who read my stories and have never even met me just seem to think that I'm this really awful pupil at St Mongo's who will fail my exams but I could actually be a PE teacher or the Deputy Head or even a space alien from Uranus for all they know. I suppose that's the other thing about Zillion New Town and one of its biggest problems because in my personal opinion Zillion New Town isn't quite as new as it likes to think it is . . .

Bridely Weddinguff

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