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In an age of postmodern irony, the army commander is trapped in a loop of strategic narratives. When Clausewitz’s ‘On War’ is found in the cave of an Al Qaeda fighter, it’s time to re-invent the notions of strategy. The endgame in the hyperreal, media-saturated world is pre-determined by the actions of the military; the victory is awarded by successfully following the script of the heroic language of fiction. This author- a former military researcher at the World’s oldest thinktank- takes a look at this startlingly new frontline in military plotting.

The Art of Strategic Agency
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The Treatise
1. Chapter 1- Truth and the Rational
2. Chapter 2- Strategic Transcendence
3. Chapter 3- Learning from the Historical Future
4. Chapter 4- A hole for the whole State
5. Endnotes
6. About the Author
7. Works cited

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