Event Horizon

By Matthew Montague

Print this out and take it outdoors. Go on.

Now stand still and look around. In your mind’s eye, compose a three dimensional structure of all you can see. Trace out your line of sight, from your feet along the ground to the structures, vegetation, and landmasses that form your horizon, and past the horizon to the furthest reaches of your vision. In the day, this the blue of the sky; at night, this will be the darkness of space and even light years out to the stars. Trace this all the way up to directly overhead. Now, slowly swivel yourself 360 degrees. Your structure will form a jagged hemisphere.

This is the limit of your perception in this moment. It is simultaneously vast and limited. Theoretically, this structure is your world as you absolutely know it at this moment. This is your event horizon – all events within this horizon are known and actionable; all event outside are unknown and unactionable.

Ask yourself or, better, have someone ask you a series of questions that require considered decision. For example:

* Would you prefer water or milk with dinner?

* Would you rather be a camel or a horse?

* What sort of computer do you prefer – Mac or Windows?

* Would you rather have a job you enjoy that pays little or a job you dislike that pays a lot?

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