The Science of Philosophy

By - Al Vega

Copyright 2013 - Al Vega

Smashwords Edition


Dear Reader,

I have composed these works of the greatest wisdoms I have learned, for the benefit of all whom wish to know this science.

I have not created or invented these principles, but instead intend to inspire through universal truths the pursuit of success through health and happiness.

Success, like the state of mind that precedes success, must first be accepted. Most will never accept this state of mind and therefore most will not pursue the necessary conditions and actions to attain their perceived success.

Because our philosophical perception scopes our belief structure, our entire sense of reality is based on these affirmations.

It is my hope to convey the undeniable truth to success – success must be earned.

Success does not encompass any one accomplishment; success is a culmination of achievements.

When love is more than a word, success is probable; happiness can be the most important goal one will ever make.

One can attain, achieve and accomplish easily; one may never succeed easily.

Your friend,

Al Vega

Chapter – 1

The greatest philosophy of life you will ever learn – is that which you discover for yourself.

Knowledge is derived from practical understanding; wisdom is derived from experience; to walk on the road to perfection, is the ability to learn from one’s mistakes.

Not knowing the answer is ignorance; to know the answer but not apply it is foolish; neither will comfort the unsuccessful.

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