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Valley Christian High School is one of the finest schools in America. The Quest for Excellence should be lived out in every Christian school throughout the world. The “Excellence Brings Influence” strategy and the Quest for Excellence journey of Valley Christian Schools is a model for every committed Christian. If we are going to reclaim our culture for the cause of Christ, we must pursue a Quest for Excellence.

Josh D. McDowell, Author/Communicator

Watching what Cliff and the Valley Christian team accomplished through tireless effort, undying determination and unquestioned faith was life changing for me. The impossible was willed into existence and. . .is changing hundreds of lives each and every day. . .starting with mine. This journey of faith is a must-read.

Kevin Compton, Managing Partner, Kleiner Perkins Canfield & Byers

Co-Owner, Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment and the San Jose Sharks

When our son Tyler chose Valley Christian High School, Gayle and I were curious. What’s so special about Valley Christian High School? By the 20023 football season we were cheering from the bleachers. . .we caught the Quest for Excellence passion and so will the readers of this book. They will learn about the intriguing story of how Valley Christian came to be and that there is truly “something special” up there on top of the hill.

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