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Chapter 11 …. Who Stole the Irish Crown Jewels?



Dramatis Personae

A Note on sources


The perpetrators of one of the most intriguing and mysterious crimes of early 20th Century Ireland are safely in their graves. No documentary evidence exists which identifies them so if you are a reader who likes a beginning, middle and neatly tied up end to a story read no further.

What does exist is a mass of circumstantial detail and damning but inconclusive documentary evidence that points the way towards an identification of the thieves. In addition there is a tale of cover up, scapegoating and innuendo worthy of the politics of the late 20th century. It is interesting to note that officially inspired character assassination didn't just happen to the likes of Stephen Ward or John Stalker, the Edwardians had ways of deflecting scandal and laying off blame which latter day politicians and public servants might envy.

What I have attempted in this book is not an academic history, the subject is little more than an entertaining, intriguing and occasionally informative footnote in Irish History despite its hallowed place in the annals of Irish crime. I have tried to write a readable account of a complex and involved subject which includes among its 'dramatis personae' some of the major figures in the history of Edwardian Ireland (King Edward VII, Augustine Birrell, Herbert Gladstone and Sir Anthony MacDonnell to name but a few) The material in the book has been meticulously researched over a decade and more and all the assertions in the narrative which follows can be supported by documentary evidence.

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