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By Alexi Paulina

New Beyond the Light

New Beyond the Sky

New Beyond It All

Q3: Quips, Quotes & Quirks

Leaving the Lake (a Novella)

From the Ashes (a Novel)

Creating From the Inside Out

Health Liberation

Streamlining With Style



This book is a collection of articles and essays I wrote from 2003 through 2011, with more writing done in the later years. The impetus for this writing was to convey information I have acquired and assimilated from a wide range of sources, supported by my intuitive knowledge, demonstrated through experience, and communicated in an entertaining fashion.

The articles are arranged into chapters for ease of reference, but it matters not in which order you read them. They are largely in chronological order, revealing the "character arc" of the author. Reading my published writing is analogous to looking at stars in the night sky: what you see is a reflection of me as I was in the past, not necessarily now.

The creation date (year and month) of each article is listed in parentheses after the chapter title, in year-month format (for instance, 2011-09 is September 2011). Dates within the articles are listed in year-month-day format (for example, 2011-09-01 is September 1, 2011).

If there is one thing I can justifiably be accused of in my writing, it is bold self-honesty. Everything I have written here is the truth – as seen through my eyes, of course, but not slanted to make me appear different from the way I am (or was, at the time I authored the piece).

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