What Drake wanted most was a beer, a dark room and silence.

At least that was what he’d thought.

Until Tania walked in.

They’d had two dates that week. A movie on Tuesday. Dinner on Wednesday. And Monday. He couldn’t forget Monday if he tried.

Nice, friendly easy dates that ended with nothing more than polite, almost chaste kisses.

They hadn’t had anything planned for today, though. Right now, Drake was trying to figure out why. Just looking at her made everything better.

Her heels rang on the tile floor as she stopped in the doorway. “I saw Lou leaving on my way in. He said he was locking up. Everybody else gone?”

Yeah.” He leaned back, smiled at her, although he knew it was probably tired and strained. “I was going to call you later, see if you want to go out tomorrow.”

She licked her lips.

His heart skipped a beat as she reached up and trailed a fingertip down her neck, pausing at the deep vee of the coat she wore.

It stopped just above her knees.

Fire-engine red leather, he noticed.

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