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Julie, in her daze, blocked their way into the room.

Ryan and Josh glanced at each other. Smiles crept over their faces.

Didn’t you know we were coming?” Josh asked.

Julie nodded slowly.

They waited.

Her gaze went back to Ryan.

Josh raised his eyebrows. Ryan grinned.

This jolted Julie back to reality. She moved aside to let them pass through and quietly squeaked, “Come in.”

Thus they began.

The weekend flew by. Cynthia and Josh wanted to spend much of their time alone, so Julie entertained Ryan. He was easy to talk to, his mind was sharp, and he had a scathing sense of humor that made her laugh. Ryan enjoyed Julie as much as she enjoyed him, although finding her so fun surprised him more than it did her.

They got to know each other quickly that weekend. There was no reason to be cautious or furtive, since there were no intentions and no hopes. No pressure. They genuinely like one another’s company, finding it easy to talk about all the things they had in common and the few things they disagreed on. The last evening of Ryan and Josh’s visit, Julie and Ryan went for a walk around campus so Josh and Cynthia could have the room to themselves. They purchased ice cream and took it to the steps of the Quad where they talked until it was time to rendezvous with the others. As they ambled back, Ryan fell silent and thoughtful.

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