The Prudent Speculator: April 2013

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Editor's Note

Having just celebrated our 36th year of publication on March 12, it was quite a treat to learn this past weekend that Dick Davis Dividend Digest editor Chloe Lutts had somehow found a way to communicate with our late-great founder. She wrote, "As Al Frank told me: ‘I very much believe that a long-term-focused strategy based on planting and patiently harvesting a broadly diversified portfolio of undervalued stocks is the key to success in the equity markets.’ He went on to explain the advantages of buying at low valuations, a habit that is especially helpful to yield-hungry income investors: ‘As value investors, we seek to buy stocks that are on sale, similar to what most folks do in their everyday lives. Whether it is a box of cereal, a washing machine or a new car, most of us prefer to pay as little as possible and we generally walk away if we think that the price is too rich.’

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