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Rampant, gratuitous sex… is sort of a bad way to start off a list of people you’re thanking, especially since it’s just a stupid way of attention grabbing.

and I’m so far above that, honestly.

Firstly, I’d like to thank my family, for their continued support and liberal use of a red pen. It’s not easy to point out the flaws that someone you love has made, and I probably should be worried at how good you were at it… love you guys.

My wife, Shannon, for another stellar book cover, and her demands that I spoil every plot point.

Becky: for traipsing around the frozen woods for us, and only stopping to inform us that she had lost feeling in her legs after we finished the shoot.

To the Little Monsters B and K: for writing half of Valter’s “teaching methods” for me. K for creating an assassin’s “cool”, and B, for proving why you should never discount a little girl with a knife…

Lost Boys… stand up straight, dammit.

To my writing groups, friends, gamers, students, cats (those ungrateful bastards), and teachers. To those little ones who managed to cause enough madness in my life to help make this book, thank you. Oh, and thanks to Johnny Z., for being fine with his grammar slaughtering cameo.

And you, the readers: because without you, the world would have to get by entirely on hieroglyphics.

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