The Final War

By Janr Ssor

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Copyright 2012 by Janr Ssor and Dr Joseph A Ross, 93 McManus Road South, Patterson, NY 12563 .All rights reserved.


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It was late at night, when I suddenly awoke, where I should not have been sleeping. It took me a moment to recall that I was in my totally dark home laboratory. The sound I could not at first recognize was the Skype-D phone coming to life with a static crackle. The static was the air ionizing above its 2 foot horizontal gold imaging saucer. It sat on a short pedestal next to my cluttered desk, just a few feet away from, where I lay, on my now too frequently used convertible brown leather sofa. I slept there when I had worked too late and was too exhausted to make it to my bedroom. This was one of those nights. As I opened my burning dry eyes, 4 soft red camera lights, fixed to the tray ceiling molding, began to glow; but, they appeared fuzzy to my barely opened, sand-dry, eyes. I turned to look at the Skype-D. Just above the base of the gold dish the green characters “3:30 AM” were forming in the still unstable air. Next to it the red emergency call light was flashing with the gold ring, eagle and crest of CIA security behind it. I was not one to be inspired by it or want to salute.

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