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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

by Linda Louise Rigsbee

Copyright 2013 Linda Louise Rigsbee

Smashwords Edition

Once Bitten, Twice Shy is the first book in the Carmen and Alex Series of conservative romance novels. This book is available in print as a handcrafted book by the author at

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He poured carbonated red grape juice into a long-stemmed glass and set the bottle back in the refrigerator. With the glass in one hand and the letter in another, he sauntered into his office. The handwriting on the letter was neat and feminine. Taking a sip of the wine colored liquid, he sat the glass in a coaster on the smooth mahogany desk and dropped the letter beside it. The room was too warm. Every time the weather got cold outside, other residents in the complex cranked their heaters up and then he had to adjust his own thermostat. He removed his jacket, folding it carefully and placing it over the back of the visitor’s chair. Loosening his tie, he dropped into the leather office chair and picked up the envelope.

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