Little “White” Lies

COPYRIGHT February 2013

Montreal, Qc, Canada


Publisher Celine Leduc

Artwork: Clement C. Walker ArtScope

Printer ArtScope Montreal, Qc, Canada


LITTLE “WHITE” LIES is a book about love, written out of love for the self (me) and for others (my friends). My lens is “I” and “the other” what my culture and society tells me YOU and what I found out by meeting, talking, discussing and befriending YOU the “OTHER”. A second book is in the writing “Y WRITE: TO RIGHT A WRONG” that will deal with women and their reality, strong women, heroic women, who faced adversity and challenges and became heroes of mine.

I would like to thank everyone individually all the fine women I met and who have enriched my life, I want to thank the great men who did not fear me, but challenged me and liked me because I am a woman. I do apologize if I did not include you in my special thank you your influence and friendship means a great deal to me.

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