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Author’s Note

The Walk On is a person who walks on the field, tries out for a team and makes the team.

The person was not asked to try out. He was not recruited. The person did this on his own.

The Walk On. To overcome. To persevere. To continue forward.

The Walk-On

Chapter One

Come dear reader. Walk with me for a while. I’ll tell you a story. We will journey together you and I. There and back again. I hope you are wearing a pair of good, comfy walking shoes for we have a way to go.

We will meet Shawn Tanner, his family and friends. Shawn’s loves and losses. A boy full of passions, full of life, quick to smile and bright as lightning. Ruddy good looks and happy. A boy you’d want to be around. A boy you just know would make a good friend. We will watch Shawn grow from boy to man. And experience with him that which comes between.

Chapter Two

Drake Falls, Pennsylvania. One of those blue-collar rustic towns that can be found in every one of the fifty states. Sixty-five miles from the nearest city surrounded by small and large family-owned farms. Mostly dairy farms that have been owned by the same families going back generations. Many can trace their lineage back as far as the Civil War, been living in Drake Falls that long, that my friend is called roots. Good, deep roots. Not only do these farmers raise cows, most, if not all grow corn, tomatoes, peppers and just about all else a family needs to get by. These are good people. Good neighbors and they know what it means to live off the land in good times and hard times.

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