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Going to Barresh by herself while never having left the country is probably not the smartest idea, but she's desperate for the family's licence to be restored, because without her job, she'll be homeless.

In Barresh she finds strange and creepy people who can read minds and who know things about the Endri people that can both solve their fertility problems and tear apart the ancient foundation on which Miran is built. Iztho had found out these things, which someone is trying to trying to keep secret. This is where her troubles really begin.

* * *

Chapter 1

The envelope lay in the middle of the table, between the silver tableware and the gold-rimmed plates. A bowl with rolls of fish bread stood on one side, and a steaming terrine of bean soup on the other. Father, dressed in his Lawkeepers tunic, sat at his usual place at the head of the table, Mother on the other end and little Liseyo with her silken hair on Father's right hand side. Old Rosep stood at Mother's elbow while ladling soup into her plate and talking to her in a low voice.

All of them were looking at that envelope.

Mikandra hesitated in the doorway. Her face still glowed from having run from the hospital against the biting wind to be home in time for dinner. Father cast a Meaningful Glance at the envelope, and then met her eyes in that severe way of his that said Young lady, I demand an explanation.

Mother stopped talking to Rosep, and Rosep scurried out the room as fast as his sore knees and bow legs allowed, shutting the door behind him with a soft snick. The fire popped.

"Good evening, Mother and Father." Mikandra sat down at her regular spot at the table, facing Liseyo, who looked at her with large eyes.

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