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No Matter What, Rejoice!

Challenging Christians to Make Lasting Holiday Memories

Lynn Baber

Published by Lynn Baber at Smashwords

Copyright 2010, 2011, 2015 by Lynn Baber

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The magic that is Christmas is scarcely visible today under the heavy veil of worldliness that drapes over it like a foot of wet snow. The voices of angels who herald tidings of great joy have been drowned out by MP3 players and the noises of the holiday season. The voices we hear most clearly are usually raised in ire or frustration, or squawk at us from television or smart device as the latest economic gloom threatens the success of Christmas or yet another citizen is offended by the trappings of Christmas.

Christ is no longer the reason for a season dedicated, inspired, and named exclusively for Him. Jesus and images of His nativity have been expunged from public spaces to protect folks from offense. Christians still remember. What can you do to create meaning and blessing this holiday season?

Many books and articles are written about coping with the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are major stressors in modern life, taking their toll on goodwill, waistlines, and available lines of credit. This one is a bit different. It is a challenge to Christians to think, to consider, to discern, and perhaps to change how they plan family gatherings this year.

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