The Dead Don’t Scream

By Bridget Squires

Smashwords edition

This is the third in “The Dead Don’t” series. Please leave a review! And keep an eye out for “The Dead Don’t Beg” the fourth story for this series.


The forest was silent, most enjoyed that deep silence yet she looked a tad bit uncomfortable. Nervous glances from one side to another gave off a sense of paranoia, like she knew one was watching. How right she was! Watching the muscles of her body flex with strain as she jogged along the path set off an urgency deep within ones soul. There is time, there is always time. Time never ends, just restarts so what one didn't achieve today could wait until time resets again. Her blond hair was tied in a tight bun atop her head but the perspiration the sun created made little spots frizz up here and there, trying to escape the constraints of the hair tie. Like time, escape was another life lesson. Anything trapped would attempt an escape eventually. Begging, pleading, planning and such were well known ploys for escapes. One had to simply understand that fact of nature to truly get the job done right. One has to understand that no matter the futile attempts, continuation is the goal and must be enacted. There seldom is a turning back point once the gears are set into motion. Again now is not the time to get off point. She needed to be tracked, like the gazette and lion; each individual had a role to play and would play it well. She jogged briskly, her small mounds bouncing ever so slightly with each foot fall. It was truly magic her appearance. No makeup, no high retail cost accessories and clothes, only a simple pair of sweat pants and a matching hoodie. Such beauty in simplicity. One would hope she wouldn't fail the final test but hopes are useless at this point. The rest failed, what would confirm she wouldn't but to try it?

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