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This is a LiteBite Book, about the equal of fifty or so pages of a Paperback or Pocket Book.

The Story of Ireland ‒ Book One. Roots.

This is the first in a series of LiteBite Books telling the story of Ireland. This first Book takes us from 3000 BC to 1366 AD. The series aims to tell not just Ireland’s history, but her story. Her Music and, her Poetry and Theatre, her ancient Brehon laws. How people lived in the times of Brian Boru, what they wore and what they ate and drank.. Book 1, Roots, tells us of St Patrick and the Saints, Strongbow and Dermot McMurrough, Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf, the birth of the Anglo Irish and the Famine of 1316 and the Black Death and much more, culminating with the Statutes of Kilkenny which set the scene for the next two hundred years. For that, please come back to Book Two in the series shortly!

Copyright © 2013 by Brian Igoe

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Chapter 1. The Beginning

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