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River Of Souls

©2012, 2013 Necia Phoenix

Smashwords edition

Chandra darted down the coiling stairs, trying to get to the Sun Room as fast as her legs would take her. It was the easiest way to get into the estate gardens, and she needed to get there. Fast. Her little white dog, Sir Morion, had slipped through a hole in the back fencing. Chandra had to get to him, before he went too far. If Grandmother found out, Sir Morion would be locked up on a chain! Chandra couldn't let that happen. Sir Morion's heart would break.

"Chandra! Where are you going?"

Chandra swallowed and turned, looking up at the elderly Matron who towered over her. "Grandmother, Sir Morion is out in the garden. I was going to collect him before dinner." She waited, holding her breath as Grandmother studied her, her dark eyes narrow slits.

"Dinner is almost ready. Do not get your gown dirty." She said after a moment of silence.

"Yes Grandmother." Chandra curtsied to her, turned, and prepared to run. The longer she waited the farther Sir Morion would get.

"Don't run! Princesses don't run! They walk, like the ladies they are!" Grandmother called after her.

"Yes Grandmother." Chandra forced herself to take small steps, to mimic the dainty walk of ladies of the court. As soon as she'd turned the corner, she ran. She had to catch up to him before he got lost!

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