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Holiday Diary

4 short stories on love and loss.

By David DeLucia

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2013, David DeLucia

All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

The Little Candle Girl

Alone For Christmas

Finding Nonny

A Walk to the Paradise Garden

The Little Candle Girl

Scott Hanson's foot pressed down on the accelerator as his blood pressure went through the roof. His car careened madly along the narrow side streets leading to the Mill Street Bridge. Just an hour before, he had arrived home unexpectedly early, and found his wife in bed with another man. Everything happened in a blur, and he only caught a brief glimpse of the surprised stranger as he leapt off the bed and snatched his pants off the floor. Scott ran out of the house in a complete panic, ignoring his wife's shouts from the window to stop. He jumped into the car, shooting out of the driveway like a rocket and sending a shower of pebbles across the mailbox.

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