Enthralled by the Vampire

Published by Lyra Brooks at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Lyra Brooks

Adair was sick of the city, sick of the smoke and stark metal of the industrial buildings. By week's end he'd been so desperate to get away from the ugly place that he'd thrown caution to the wind and indulged in one of his well earned 'sick days.' While the rest of the human population was trudging to work, he was on his way out of the city to do some serious fishing.

Unlike most of the citizens of New Washington, the largest fortified human city on the East Coast, he'd not been born within the city's towering walls. Adair had been raised by his reclusive grandparents in the north west, in old West Virginia. Some people did still live outside of the clustered megacities but they were few and far between. There had been more in the beginning, more people willing to fight on their own to remain free.

But it was safer in the cities, there were never vampire attacks there. The UV lights the all used had put a stop to that really early on, even if it meant they had to wear sunscreen inside. During the war, after the vampires had exposed themselves and demanded rights, people practically fled into the cities, counting on strength in numbers to protect them. Back then there were fewer dissidents, fewer vampires who refused to follow the code of conduct outlined by the treaty. In the beginning it was rare for any killings to happen when people were snug in their beds, even in the countryside. Now, it was pretty much the only way those who weren't allied with the vampire clans could survive.

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