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Gaijin Skin 3

By Allen Davies

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © by Gaijin Skin 3

All Rights Reserved.


Outside his apartment, the narrow streets entwining around itself confuses Adam and are littered with broken bitumen and discarded household goods. Laney has just left after spooning together all night; neither sleep or want sex. Instead, they lay together in platonic union, occasionally crying, sometimes talking. Sex isn’t a part of their equation: deep intimacy only both them can understand, stress and confusion mixed with homesickness is also. It doesn’t seem fair that of the two of them she is the one to get AIDS. After all, he’d been the one stupid enough to place mistrust in and have unsafe sex with Miguel. It should be him. Because of that sleazy toad Martin, her life is going to be cut short. He thought a walk would clear his head.

As he walks outside this morning, he finds that the sun isn’t bright. A soft filtered light lay gently across the neighborhood. If Queensland’s sun is a blinding radiant flame infusing everything in the brightness and light, the Japanese spring sun is as soft as a muslin drape and gentle as a babies reach.

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