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"This is disgusting. If someone wins, where they gonna spend it?" asked Matilda.

"Maybe the producers will create a place," Tina responded. "And that will be another show."

"Ugh! Change the channel."

After several hours, Tina looked over at Matilda to discover her dozing. "Mama? Mama?" she called.

"Uh?" Matilda wiped her mouth.

"Bedtime." Tina walked her mom down the hall to the room they shared. Since the invasion, no one slept alone. Not that it saved anyone. But it did give a nice sense of security. Once inside, she cracked the window as promised. A shot of extremely hot air hit her in the face and she broke out in a sweat. Oh, man this can't be change of life already!

"Air! Air! Real air," remarked Matilda as she took her nightclothes out of the dresser drawer.

"Real hot air, Mom. Then again, it is summer. Let me get a roll of paper towels from the bathroom." Tina entered the adjoining room. The roller was empty. "You're out. Let me get a roll from the linen closet. Be right back."

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