Just a lonely girl Just a lonely girl as usual. I am going to school to day but I do not want to go. We have to work all day. I did lots of maths and lots of everything. I went home I had my tea and went on my laptop to play games.

Jessie!” Mom screamed “What Mom?” I asked curiously.

Go to bed!” She bellowed! “OK mom.” I said sadly. In the morning I got up to play on my laptop . I screamed “Where is my laptop?!” I yelled.

In the bin!” My mum shouted, smugly.

The bin?” I screeched.

Yes. The bin.”


Because you are naughty at school. Your teacher called me last night. You are grounded Miss Sassy Pants! Go to bed!”


No buts. Bed.”

I got up and went to school. I had my lunch and did some writing, played out and then went home. I got home and had tea then whent to bed. I could not go to sleep I heard voices Jessie Jessie I screamed then a boy was there!

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