Safe With Me, The Complete Series” is available at most major eBook retailers. Includes all eight parts, previously published as a series.

Edited by Laurie Laliberte of the Kindle All-Stars.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I watched her walk into the coffee shop. I didn’t know the pretty blonde’s name but I was sure we had a few classes together.

As she walked to the counter a strap of her backpack caught the top of her T-shirt, pulling the material tight against her left breast. It lifted her shirt, showing a little of her soft stomach. She stopped walking and stood still as she yanked the bottom of her T-shirt back down to her waist. Her left hand tugged vigorously at the backpack. I heard her groan as the strap stayed in place, holding her plump breast captive.

I chuckled as I took a sip of my iced tea. After I’d spent the past half hour studying the not-so-exciting world of municipal bond markets, watching my classmate’s struggle provided a welcomed distraction.

My eyes focused on the gorgeous breast twenty feet in front of me. It was covered by a thin, pink cotton T-shirt that did nothing to hide the firmness of her nipple. The white hoodie she wore didn’t look heavy enough to keep her warm in the chilly autumn air.

Should I try to help her? Surely I was strong enough to loosen that stubborn backpack. And, in doing so, I could make a clever comment about how cold it must be outside for her nipple to get so hard. She’d laugh and toss her head back. Her long blond hair would fall off her shoulders onto her back in slow motion. Thankful for my help, she’d lift up her shirt to give me a better look at her tits before I rip her clothes off and throw her down on the dirty hardwood floor.

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