Shit, I gotta stop watching so much porn. My cock tightened against my zipper. I shifted my weight in my chair, trying to move things around without being obvious.

Finally, her backpack let go of her shirt. She shook her head and walked toward the counter, carrying the backpack on her arm like a purse.

“You all right?” The barista chuckled. “Havin’ some trouble today?”

She smiled. “Yes, actually. It’s been one heck of a day already.”

He leered at her as she read the menu on the wall.

“I’ll have a large iced latte,” she said.

“You want whipped cream? It doesn’t come with it but I’ll give it to you anyway,” he said.

Does he really think that’s impressive?

“Aw, that’s so sweet of you,” she said.

“No problem.” He gave her a dorky smile. “What’s your name?”


“I’m Greg. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” She smiled at Greg, then slung her backpack over her right shoulder and walked away from the counter, stopping a few feet from my table.

I saw her scanning the room, biting her lower lip. I turned around in my chair to assess the seating situation. I hoped she needed to prepare for the next day’s test in Finance 202 so I could invite her to sit with me without looking desperate. I imagined her tits accidentally brushing against me as we huddled together to discuss our questions. Maybe I could reach across her for a pen as her hard nipples casually dig into my arm…

I felt my cock push against my zipper.

“Susie! Iced latte!”

“Thanks, hon.”

She gave Greg a little wave and another smile and picked up her drink. I glanced at the table to my right and saw a guy lean forward in his chair, watching her intently as she stepped away from the counter.

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