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Shardine spoke. “You don’t have to stop.”

It was not like the scortium. Certainly, Shardine was bound, restrained and helpless, and certainly the female on top of her could have done anything she wanted. Shardine was completely powerless to stop her. Even so, to Shardine this was no punishment or torture. Despite what had happened to her, her sex drive remained strong, as did her deep desire to be dominated. She was as content to have a female on top of her as she would have been to have a flinker thrusting into her; considerably more so at this moment when she was still in so much discomfort deep between her legs.

Hesitantly, the vixling lowered herself once more, and for several seconds Shardine was unable to breathe. The vixling rocked herself on Shardine’s face, and Shardine sucked at exactly the spot she knew would bring the vixling to her climax more quickly than anything else. She felt the vixling shudder once more, and this time she knew without a doubt that it was a shudder of intense pleasure. The vixling’s movements became faster and more urgent as she approached grasmic, and although there was nothing stimulating Shardine’s pleasure points, she felt her own arousal starting to generate the quivering signals that could so quickly spark her own climax as they flowed through her body.

The grasmic hit the vixling. Undoubtedly it was not her first, but equally surely it was the first she had ever reached with a female underneath her. The intensity of it surprised even Shardine, although she knew very well that her attentions underneath the vixling were focused in a way that a mere flinker could never match. The vixling’s grasmic took her into extreme, uncontrollable muscle spasms that spread throughout her body. Had she been squinking a flinker then undoubtedly the force of those spasms on him would have been at least as powerful as the grip Shardine had unintentionally exerted on that eighty-ninth flinker at the scortium. The vixling’s muscle spasms however, were not limited to that soft, moist area. Her arms and legs too were flailing and then gripping with incredible force. The pressure on the sides of Shardine’s head from the muscles in the vixling’s thighs felt to Shardine powerful enough to crush her skull if it continued. She would have shouted if the vixling had not been totally covering her mouth. This was no brief, fleeting, passing fit of climactic ecstasy. It went on, and on, and on. Crushed and breathless, Shardine could do nothing. The restraints held her inescapably to the bed, and she had no choice but to wait for the vixling to finish. She started to lose consciousness.

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