This book seeks to identify those American beaches where dogs are welcome. The states are listed from north to south. Within each state the beaches are listed by region, also from north to south. Within each region, the beaches are organized by town, which are listed alphabetically. If there is more than one beach in a town, the individual beaches are also listed alphabetically. If the state has only a few beaches and no regions, the beaches are not listed geographically from north to south but alphabetized by town as above.

So the next time you plan a trip to the shore, don’t forget to include the dog. Grab that leash and hit the beach!


Each beach is listed by name and town with a phone number. Beaches are regulated by any one of a number of government agencies - town governments, county governments, state governments or federal governments. Since most beaches do not have phones, the numbers listed range from town halls to recreation departments to chambers of commerce to visitor centers. If someone at the other end of the line can’t answer your beach question, they will no doubt be able to direct you to someone who can.

A beach regulation regarding dogs is listed for each beach.. As any dog owner knows, laws pertaining to dogs on the beach can literally change overnight - almost always to the detriment of sand-loving dogs. You can count on the topic of dogs being on the agenda at just about every government meeting in a beach community.

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