Table of Contents

Co-Wranglers Preface

1.Chapter Bloody One

2.Tidza Saturdays

3.Lads Night

4.The Road To Oz

5.American Unwelcoming

6.Panic In Time Square

7.Home Life And Hard Graft

8.All Aboard

9.Gland Of Opportunity

10.Island In The Stürm

11.Hermaphrodite Cowboys

12.Gone Midwest

13.Sex (?), Guns (!), Disco (#@!%)

14.My Insatiable Greed

15.Among American Aristocracy

16.Tidza Uber Alles

17.At the Point of a Knife

18.In a Hidden Valley

19.Departures & Arrivals

20.Reckless Flights Of Fancy

21.Marriage of Unglued Minds

22.I, Booking Agent

The Epilogue – Orifice In The Undieworld


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