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A cruel school

I always hate going to school. Why? You may ask. Schools to you are happy, colourful places with kind, loving teachers and bright, spacey classrooms. Well. Schools to me are sad, dull places with short-tempered, hating teachers and horrible, stuffy classrooms. My teacher, Miss Hopin Gore, tells us all off but picks on me especially. I spend all of my break time in the toilets, crying. There’s only three toilets for the whole school but all the girls in my class (Even the girls who don’t like me) bagsy me a toilet until I come.

Miss Hopin Gore sets us ten pieces of homework every day, and we are only in primary school! We get some maths homework, some literacy, some science, some geography, some history and some I.C.T. Of course, all the other classes only get a reading book. And that is only on Friday. Even in Y6! Oh yeah, my name is Jessie. You might have heard other stories about me, like when I met a boy called Bob who mysteriously disappeared overnight.

Anyway one day I went to school and hung up my bag when I saw a note on my peg. It said:

To Jessie,

I am disgusted that someone like you should make such a horrible website about me. Come to me at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A disgusted,

Miss Hopin Gore

I didn’t understand. What website? About her? I went to her desk.

“Miss Hopin Gore, you wanted me? I don’t understand.”

“Oh yes you do. Look at this.”

She showed me a website with everything about her on it. How she picks her toe and finger nails, how greasy her hair is and how she shouts at everyone. Someone had framed me!

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