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Economic Turmoil and global recession of economic activities across the world, we can redefine the business and its policy of an enterprise. Business analyst examines the real circumstances which are coping with economic indicators of the state. Business analysts are estimating the future demand and supply of products and services which are offering to ultimate customers who are located in different region. Economic turmoil vanish the confidence the business and its process due to slowdown of the demand of the products and services. America, England, Japan, Germany, China and Japan are failure to manage the financial institutions. India is little bit manage and administration of financial institutions. Failures of financial institutions are caused to fail financial market in different manner.

In this book generally overlook into plan to learn the core area of the business and its policy towards the strategic goals and objectives. Business determines the structure of an enterprise how that enterprise system supports; protect the nature of business in this way to make the emerging business process in terms of growth and development business activities. Secondly the tolerance management of strategy and its concepts towards an organization in this way to how to manage and admin the different nature of activities those are different from one strategic business unit to other strategic business units. Secondly, dynamic strategic competitive analysis in terms of competitors, core competence and value chain analysis in terms of internal environment and external environment that decides to primary and secondary activities of business. Thirdly the managing the cost that can be needed to business leader who are effectively implementation of generic strategies and grand strategies in business for this purpose we overlook the strategic analysis, situation analysis and strategic tools application in business. Fourthly, we are in formulate of business means and ends that way to implementation of functional level strategy in a different business segment and analysis to strengths and weakness and opportunity and threat of an entity to know core competence of the business activities and know how to over come the competitors in different market and different segment. Finally, we will be involved the implementation of means and ends with an appropriate manner and accomplish strategic means and ends in different manner. In this book indicates the recent changes in business and its scope to learn and manage in a intellectual way to normalize business functions at a maximize the utility to framework the business policy that will be helpful to develop strategy, implement strategy and evaluate and control the strategy by applying the strategic tools like as industrial analysis, situation analysis, competitor analysis, value chain analysis, business environment analysis, tailoring strategy which suitable to an enterprise and gain the competitive advantage.

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