First Citizen President

A Screenplay Treatment


© 2012


America’s going to hell, but Jack will save us!


Jack is fed up with the state of affairs in America. The apathetic and greedy officials he voted for are doing nothing about the nation’s crumbling economy. His community is collapsing on itself. So, Facebook supporters elect him as “THE FIRST CITIZEN PRESIDENT”.


Politics, technology, social change, economy, disenfranchised, retired, elections, current events


Political Revolution, Against All Odds, Technology Changes America, Average Joe Makes It!


He was from Iowa, and that explained a lot. There never was much to do in Iowa. Drinking coffee at a chipped formica table in a main street cafe. Playing gin rummy for dimes at the Vet’s Club. Going to the State fair. Being farmers. Being laborers. Being jobless. And listening.

In the cafe he heard people talk, always about their troubles. Iowans did have the gift of gab. Sipping coffee, he overheard Simpson say that he was meeting with his banker to discuss “alternative solutions”. Everyone within earshot knew the truth: six years of drought. The Bank didn’t want to loan money for the next year’s crop. A seven year drought was on the banker’s mind, and the thought of grabbing Simpson’s land.

Johnny Whiting had similar problems. He’d been keeping his shotgun in his Ford pickup lately. Unlike Simpson, Johnny had already spoken with the banker.

It was midnight. The moon was full. Johnny looked at his dry fields, at his failing crop. They found him dead the next morning. Jack heard all about it at the cafe.

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