You know, as I sit down to revise this book, it is nearing the end of summer and Fall is right around the corner.

In a few short days, I will be sending my kids off to start yet another year of school.

The response to this book has been so overwhelming.

I am glad that I have been able to pen something that can really change someone's life.

That's what I feel I have been called to do.

To change lives by letting people know that their dreams are attainable.

I have received so many messages in my inbox from people all over the country, telling me how much this book has caused them to pursue their dreams once again.

I am grateful that something I wrote has been the driving force behind giving people permission to dream again.

Now, this updated version of the book is more than just something for you to read. I want to make this interactive for you.

There are exercises throughout the book to help you set goals, realize your dreams and get a solid plan in place to finally make your dreams come true.

You deserve it!

The concept behind this book had been in my heart for about nine years before I even published it.

It was about nine years ago when I received a revelation concerning the dreams of people; and how those dreams are being stolen.

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