The Hundredth Independence Day

Welcome Sir, today is 15th of August, 2047. The forecast is for Clear, sunlit weather with a maximum of 41 degrees Celsius, light breeze from the north-west, almost negligible possibility of rain. The latest headlines are as follows: President Jefferson Delacoir of the French Republic is visiting the United States of India today, for joining the celebrations making the 100th anniversary of Indian independence from the British rule. His flight is schedules to land in New Pataliputra City at 10 AM where he will be received ceremonially by Deputy Prime Minister of the USI Manoj Srivastava. The celebrations marking the 100th anniversaryof Indian Independence have already began across the major megacitiesof the country, including New Calcutta, Indraprastha City and Mumbai City. On other topics, the United Republic of Korea today announced completion of the second phase of its Marscolonisation project...” Tejas just wanted to kill the damn AI for waking him up so early. “Man, it's just 6:30 now, would it kill me to have another hour of rest? Huh, big celebrations”, Tejas thought as he slipped into his pajamas and entered the bathroom.

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