Adam West Naked

and other somewhat titillating journalism from Dangerous Ink

Smashwords Edition published by Nicolas Wilson

Copyright 2012 Nicolas Wilson


I’m Nic. This is a collection of my journalism for Dangerous Ink. This, and some of my other work is available for free from my website: and various online distributors. If you purchased this, then you have my sincerest thanks, and please know that you’ve helped me continue writing.

By dumb luck, I was hired on to work on the magazine’s inaugural issue, and I worked on every one that went to print (though one issue was published without my contribution). Unfortunately, Dangerous Ink died too young, but my sincerest hope is that these articles bring you a fraction of the amusement I had in writing them.

Thank you so much for reading.


P.S. The title is taken from the video interview Adam West was promoting when I interviewed him, though bless his heart, he really didn’t mention it- though he did mention several other bits and bobs related to himself. I believe it’s still available from his website- though that may depend on how far into the future you’re reading this.

P.P.S. I’m a novelist, and appended to the end of this work is the first chapter for my latest novel, Dag, out now for just $1.99 for ereaders, and available in print for as cheap as I can make it through Createspace, which looks like it’ll be a little under $8.

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