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Anger, Hate and Revenge

“He is really cute and sexy,” said Kelly “and we love each other.”

“What’s his name?” asked Paula

“His name is Taylor,” replied Kelly “but I’m the only one who calls him that. All of his friends call him Coco. I guess he got that nickname because he is light brown, the color of cocoa.”

Kelly was hanging out in her living room with five of her friends from school. She had the house to herself for four to five hours each afternoon, because of her parent’s work schedules. Her mother was an emergency room trauma nurse and worked the seven am to seven pm shift and Kelly’s father was a Chicago cop who rarely got home before seven o’clock. It was not unusual for Kelly to have several friends over at her house on any given afternoon.

“Do you have any pictures of this mysterious guy?” asked Paula.

“Just a sec,” said Kelly, as she took her cellphone out of her pocket. “I took these photos of him last night, while we were at the mall. I told my parents that I was at the library studying.”

“He is cute,” said Paula “but he also looks a lot older than you. How old is he?”

“He’s nineteen,” said Kelly. “That’s why I have to see him in secret. My dad would flip out if he found out.”

“Then, consider me flipped out,” said Officer Drake, as he walked into the room. Kelly had not heard him come in the back door. He snatched the phone out of his daughter’s hands and looked at the photo. “This guy is way too old for you,” he said. “You are only fifteen.”

“I’ll be sixteen in two weeks,” said Kelly. “He is only a couple of years older than me.”

“This is not open for discussion,” said Officer Drake. “He is too old for you and you will not see him again. Is that understood, Kelly?” Before his daughter could respond, he continued in his tirade. “I think that it’s time for your friends to go home now.”

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