Chapter II: The United States Constitution

Chapter III: A Notation By The Author

Chapter IV: The Amendments To The Constitution

Chapter V: Conspiracy Or Government Disconnect

Chapter VI: Going Too Far

Chapter VII: Modern Truths

Chapter VIII: Confusing Morality With Religion


At a time in our nation's history when every American should be extremely concerned about their family's futures we find ourselves in the midst of a large, disinterested voting block holding the rest of us hostage. Unless we can somehow influence these people to exercise their Constitutional responsibilities of monitoring our elected government it is certain that politicians of all stripes will use every device available to them in furthering their own private agendas, leaving American citizens at their mercy.

Over 40% of Americans don't vote! That number is life-changing when one considers how many election outcomes do not truly represent the average man or woman in this country. Our government has done a fine job of distancing itself from grassroots America. The media's term, disenfranchised, is meaningless and does little to explain the problem. In fact, it leaves non-voters with the impression that they're rightfully excused.

This book is an attempt to present thought provoking paradoxes so that both voters and non-voters demand informed answers from their state congressional delegations about this country's questionable political agenda. Constitutionalists will agree that, though we have seemingly insurmountable matters to resolve, like-minded voters in both predominant political parties could quickly effect real changes in Washington, D.C.

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