Surviving a Divorce

Ahhhh, remembering the day you met and the feeling of “this person is going to change my life.” You never knew you would be here today, did you? The dating, the courtship, the wedding, the honeymoon and the years that you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be married to your spouse, has now changed.

Circumstances in our lives can often change who we are; whether that is for the better or for the worse. (Get it...for better or worse). You are probably saying, “How can you be joking at a time like this?” Divorce is no joking matter but in order to “survive” a divorce and come out of it healthy we have to lighten up a bit and remember who we are, remember who we were and don’t lose ourselves in the process.

Exercise 1: Right now I want you to write down your top five reasons for loving this person and while doing this remember those moments with a smile. This may be difficult, given the circumstances right now, but remembering will help you through this process.





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