The Goddess From The Sea


Walter Areinoff

Copyright © 2013 by Walter Areinoff

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Chapter One

The American Samoa Islands lie deep in the South Pacific Ocean, half way between Hawaii and New Zealand, slightly northeast of the mysterious islands of Fiji and the dark island Kingdom of Tonga.

The entire land area of the American territory is not as large as Washington, D.C. It consists of five volcanic islands and two coral atolls, all of them with names too difficult to pronounce, and even more difficult to spell. In addition, there are some miniscule islands, really just coral reef outgrowths, so small they are rarely mentioned in any official documents.

I suspect most United States government officials do not realize they exist, nor that the largest one has paved roads built on its crushed coral surface, beautiful beaches, a flourishing rainforest, and loads of coconut palms. It even has people living on it. It’s not a particularly easy way of life. Perhaps ”existing” would be a better choice of words.

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