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The Thorns of Life


Philippa Ballantine

Copyright 2013 Philippa Ballantine

Published on Smashwords by Imagine That! Studios

What would anyone want with three dead Romantic poets, anyway?” It was a sensible enough question—but still Emmerson felt it was a challenge to his authority.

With a polite ‘excuse me’ to the computer, he turned to his fellow scientist, and tried to keep the exasperation out of his voice. “I’ve told you before, Bredon! We needed some subjects for the experiment that aren’t going to be too dangerous.”

Just seems like a waste to me,” his colleague muttered. He looked suspiciously like he was rolling his eyes, even as he finished the nearly complete DNA models. “All that technology wasted on some dried up old poets!”

They were all incredibly vibrant men in their time,” the older man pointed out.

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