He was an easy mark—or so she thought.

Vincenzo, the sole scion of an ancient Italian family, believes it is his duty to return a stolen Renaissance painting, together with its allegedly magical properties, back to its proper spot in the village church. Only then will fertility be restored to his family and prosperity to his town. For his own mysterious reasons he's desperate to carry out this vow, and so hires a thief—a savvy female con woman—to help him find the painting and steal it back.

Sabrina has her own view of the situation. She thinks Vincenzo is nuts. Neither does she care for rich people, except as marks. And Vincenzo, trusting, naive, and loaded, is going to make a good one.

Or so she thinks...


by Alyssa Kress

Published by 4 Dolphins Press at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Alyssa Kress

Originally Copyright 1996 as Confidence Game

Cover Design Copyright 2013

by http://coversbykaren.com

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