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A dog can smell 1000 times better than a human.

The part of a dog’s brain that interprets odours is 4 times bigger than a humans.

They can be trained to understand up to 200 different words.

The Afghan is the most unintelligent (stupid!) kind of dog!

The smartest dogs are the Poodle, Border Collie and the Golden Retriever.

Greyhound once jumped 30 feet horizontal while chasing a hare!

Dogs can see colours, but it is similar to us seeing a twilight time (It’s in black and white and grey).

They have excellent night time vision.

Dogs can be trained to sense when someone is about to have a seizure.

A dog can see their owner up to 1 mile away if that person is waving his or her hands!

Greyhounds have the most accurate eyesight out of all breeds.

Most can run 20 mph, Greyhounds can reach 45 mph…Compare this to a human’s average of 15 mph for short sprints or the cheetah’s 75 mph.

They have 18 separate muscles in their ears, allowing much more movement than a human.

Compared to a person who can detect sounds about 20 thousand times per second, a canine can do detect 30,000 sounds per second.

There is a dog-worshipping sect that began long ago and still exists to this day...It is called the Brotherhood of the Essenes. The Essenes maintain that there are animal planes in the celestial kingdom from which one steps to the planes of knowledge. It is their view that animals have power of speech in the kingdom that they relinquish voluntarily as they journey through the gates of the Zodiac into Earth's sphere. According to their beliefs, dogs are beings without sin, sent to earth to test humans.

During ancient Roman time,
Mastiff dogs were made to wear armour and then sent to fight next to an assigned knight.

Sadly, during World War II, dogs were trained by the Russians to perform suicide missions. They were trained to lay under tanks and they did this with timed bombs attached to them.

Basset Hounds are not able to swim at all, this is due mostly in part because of their very short legs.

In the UK during the 1600’s a lot of dogs drowned in heavy rains and this is where the saying “It’s raining cats and dogs” came from.

Dogs were domesticated about 15 thousand years ago.

In the year 1957, a dog named Laika was sent into outer space , but unfortunately there was no way to bring him home and he passed away out there.

Laika had a litter of pups before being sent into space and 1 of the females produces a litter when paired with John F. Kennedy’s terrier.

The oldest breed that we know of is called the Saluki, owned by ancient Egyptians taught to be used as hunting dogs.

Rin –Tin- Tin was the first Hollywood dog star and even signed his own contracts by having his paw dipped into ink and then placed onto a paper in order to create a paw print.

Davy Crockett owned a dog who he named Sport

Carvings of dogs that resemble
Greyhounds are in Egyptian tombs dating back to 2900 BC.

In 1911, a meteor struck Egypt landing squarely on a dog.

The Inuit dog breed were frequently bred with wolves to maintain the size and stamina of the breed.

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